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Plan effective movement of cargo

Understanding your challenges

  • Limited visibility of worldwide schedules and connections impacts your ability to plan the time-efficient and cost-effective movement of goods.
  • Unexpected changes in cargo capacity on specific routes cause operational inefficiencies if they are not quickly identified and adjusted for.
  • Bloated data files containing unnecessary information can be difficult or inefficient to use with in-house systems.

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How we do it

By collecting, aggregating and managing our datasets using expert knowledge and years of experience, we can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate schedules and connections data to give complete visibility of cargo movement opportunities.


Fully customizable files let you select the data you need.
  • FlightGlobal offers the most customizable data files on the market, making them easier to integrate into existing in-house systems by reducing file size.
  • Files can include any type of flights and/or ground services, single or double connections and customized geographical coverage

Detailed cargo capacity information empowers you to calculate capacity by route.
  • We provide cargo capacity data, giving you the opportunity to link these data sets internally to determine cargo capacities by route.
  • You will be able to quickly identify any changes in the cargo capacity on specific routes so that you can adjust operations accordingly.

Our files include road feeder services (RFSs) and cargo-specific minimum connect times (MCTs) data.
  • Support your planning beyond air-level: our data grants you visibility of freight transport services at the ground level.
  • Applying your required MCTs to our data file will ensure you only view the schedules that are relevant to your plans.

By providing transparency of all schedules and connection opportunities, we can help you transport your customers’ goods effectively while maximising your profitability.

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Values data and opinions you can feel confident in

Access over 90 million online and interline connections covering 360,000 airport pairs worldwide.

FlightGlobal's connections file covers all available connections from over 900 global airlines.

Our data is sourced directly from the airlines, with 97% of airlines updating their schedules on a weekly basis