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Understanding your challenges

We work with banks, lessors and investors to help them:
  • Obtain a reliable, industry-recognized view of an aviation asset’s value to aid deal assessment
  • Model more accurately the residual value of an asset to inform financing decisions
  • Understand the outlook and risks for an aviation asset to get a view on its future performance

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How we help

Provide award-winning online values to support decisions on whether to finance or invest in an aviation asset
  • Comprehensive values data covering commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters and engines
  • Online valuation for specific aviation assets as well as generic type, variant, build or specification
  • Valuations can be run for a portfolio of aircraft, such as bank-owned or exposed aircraft, an operator’s fleet or a securitised portfolio (EETC, ABS, PTC)

Consultancy appraisals adjusted to the state of the aircraft and conditions of the deal
  • Maintenance Adjusted Valuations provide a detailed valuation by our experienced consultants, factoring in the aircraft’s maintenance status, utilization and specification
  • Encumbered Valuations take into consideration the value of the lease attached to a specific aircraft for the financing of aircraft under lease
  • Part-out Valuations provide a value for an aircraft sold for its individual parts to support end-of-life aircraft liquidation

Reports providing forecast residual values and potential downside-risk volatility for an asset type
  • Unique insight into the current and future drivers of an asset’s likely value performance across a variety of market and macro-economic conditions
  • Quantification of expected depreciation with a 95% confidence rate
  • Overall risk rating for an asset type

Outlook reports to better understand an asset’s future performance
  • We cover all major commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters and engine types so you can keep on top of the most recent developments and changes in the market
  • You gain access to the latest global market trends, recent transactions, values trends and lease-rate movements

We support your decision on whether to finance an aviation asset, providing world-class information on its likely value, market outlook and associated risks

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Values data and opinions you can feel confident in

The industry's preferred appraiser

Voted ‘Appraiser of the Year’ six times in the last seven years, we are the industry’s preferred appraiser. As an independent organization, we are proud to be trusted by over 200 clients each year to value their aviation assets

The most empirically based appraisals

Providing the industry’s most researched valuations, you can feel confident that our appraisals closely reflect current market demand. Underpinned by the industry’s largest historical database, we have the unique ability to benchmark our appraisals, ensuring they match the market as closely as possible

Trusted expertise

Our international team, including ISTAT- and ASA-accredited appraisers, has over 300 years’ cumulative experience guiding decision makers to better understand aviation assets. Appraising over 200,000 aviation assets annually, our appraisals are trusted by the top aviation financiers, lessors, OEMs and airlines

Transparent aircraft and engine value opinions

We provide quarterly insight into our valuations, reinforced by comprehensive data, explaining in detail why they have evolved. Our clients have confidence in us because we provide the rationale behind those values

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