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Grow your passenger numbers

Understanding your challenges

  • New markets must be investigated through in-depth analysis for expansion opportunities to be identified
  • Changes in passenger demand require implementation of new routes and connections or increased frequency across your existing network
  • To successfully evaluate codeshare and partnership prospects, you need a strong understanding of what their operations are and how they can mesh with your own

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How we do it

Underpinned by high-quality data, FlightGlobal’s reliable analysis, trends and forecasts help you keep track of demand and grow your passenger numbers
  • Access exclusive news and insights produced by an international team of 35 aviation experts
  • Learn from an independent view of trends, analysis and statistics, covering traffic, capacity, passenger load factors, company profits and financials, new and failed routes, flight frequencies, fleet developments and alliances, and codeshare and partnership reviews

Access to the most up-to-date global schedules data gives you the informational tools to understand and capitalise on demand for existing routes
  • Analyze schedule strength and predictive market share for direct flight and connection services on any city pair in the world
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of worldwide scheduling activity
  • Keep track of changes in route capacity and competitors’ networks

Comprehensive data assists you in finding and pursuing new route opportunities and evaluating potential partnerships
  • Expand your network and make informed strategic decisions by analysing data from over 900 airlines and over 3,500 airports
  • Identify the most promising codeshare, partnership and hub connectivity opportunities

By helping you understand the value of your assets and the potential risks to your portfolio, we can help you monitor and manage your investments.

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Values data and opinions you can feel confident in

Data covering 360,000 airport pairs worldwide

Traffic, capacity and load factor analysis for over 900 global airlines

Current, 17-year historical and 11-month expected schedules data

Traffic, route, capacity and connectivity data for over 3,500 airports