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Travel & Transportation
Manage travel costs for corporate customers

Understanding your challenges

  • Failing to keep track of corporate travelers at all times and quickly respond to disruption risks losing valuable business
  • Inefficient waiver management results in corporate customers incurring unnecessary fees or additional ticket costs
  • Inconvenience and uncertainty causes friction between travelers and agents, reducing customer satisfaction and increasing employee turnover

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How we help

Our data drives alerting to corporate travel agents to reduce out-of-policy travel and improve compliance
  • Provide your corporate travel agents with relevant, up-to-date messaging
  • Encourage use of preferred suppliers to take advantage of negotiated rates, saving cost to the corporation

We can provide complete coverage of your traveler’s journey and help lower travel costs through better recovery plans
  • Know where your traveler is at all times so you can anticipate their needs
  • Identify which travelers will be affected by disruption so you can take swift action and deflect transient costs

The quality and reliability of our data will underpin your reporting of travel program results
  • Track, measure, and quantify hard costs deflected and cost optimization
  • Access historical data to quantify the frequency of disruption
  • Impress your corporate customers by demonstrating the impact of your disruption services

Automation of airline policy exception waiver handling reduces inefficiency and avoids unnecessary additional costs
  • Automate your waiver handling for maximum efficiency using the power of our data
  • Save your corporate customers time and money by avoiding change fees and unnecessary ticket purchases

The information we provide empowers agency support, reducing traveler friction
  • Reduce inconvenience and uncertainty for travelers by making actionable traveler information available to agents
  • Remove traveler friction to improve customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnover

We can help you identify and respond to changes that impact a travelers' trip which helps avoid disruption and unnecessary expenses

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The most accurate and reliable flight status information in the industry

The most timely flight status and waiver data to help optimize costs

We process over 16 million flight updates per day so you’ll never miss a single change in a traveler's itinerary.

The most up-to-date flight status, trip, and waiver data so you know when a disruption is affecting your travellers

We gather real-time data from more than 600 sources and pass it through a multi-source validation process, giving you a confident basis on which to manage re-accommodation of travelers.

The most comprehensive flight status coverage

Our global coverage ranges between 95% and 99.9% so you know you can support travelers wherever in the world their journey takes them.