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Benchmark your investment strategy

Understanding your challenges

  • Strategy development to be valid needs an independent view of global fleet growth over the mid-long term
  • Detailed insights into market risk and growth opportunities are needed to benchmark growth plans
  • Investment strategies may need critical third-party expert evaluation to determine viability and surface risks as part of due diligence

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How we do it

Our independent analysis into the global fleet’s growth over the next 20 years can inform and benchmark your mid-long term investment strategy
  • Receive detailed forecasts of the commercial fleet’s growth over the next 20 years with independent, expert analysis into the key drivers and the impact on residual value risk
  • Access analysis of future growth by market group, region, operator, manufacturer and aircraft type to provide direction for investment planning decisions

Detailed insights on current and near-term fleet changes and trends highlight how the market is developing and validate your growth plans
  • Access trusted transaction details on orders, sales, deliveries, deferrals, leases and lease expiries so you can see which operators, lessors, manufacturers or regions are growing
  • Analyze general fleet trends to see which are the most popular aviation assets

Comprehensive online values data and risk outlook reports help you understand the risks to asset values and inform your investment plans
  • Search online values data covering commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters and engines to determine the market worth of an aviation asset
  • Validate your investment strategy with reports exploring an asset type’s market outlook and its likely value trend across a various market and macro-economic conditions

FlightGlobal’s experienced consultants provide trusted, empirically based advice to inform your investment strategy
  • Rely on our experienced consultant’s advice, backed up by the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data
  • Join an elite group of clients a year using FlightGlobal to guide their investments strategy
  • Get wider analytical coverage and opinion supported by over 20 experts positioned globally

We help you benchmark your investment strategy and surface risks to asset values by providing empirical data, expert advice and analysis on the global fleet’s growth and market outlook.

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Benchmark your investment strategy with reliable data and trusted advice

A fleets database with the scale required for in-depth, targeted investment research

Covering 360,000+ aircraft, 185,000+ organisations, 70,000+ contact records and 1.96 million aircraft events

The most current data so your investment strategy is always fully up to date

Updated over 1,000 times each day by a global team of over 30 analysts

Advice from trusted industry experts

Over 300 years’ cumulative experience advising investors, lessors and financiers in aviation finance