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Minimize disruption impacting travelers

Understanding your challenges

  • Inaccurate or untimely communications frustrate travelers, reducing customer satisfaction and potentially causing loss of business
  • Systems are needed for identifying individual travelers, be they high-value customers to be prioritized or victims of disruption in need of assistance
  • Reaccommodating disrupted customers is a complicated task and will be time-intensive if not automated

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How we help

We integrate flight status data with your travelers’ itinerary information to drive alerting to travelers, keeping them informed and thus improving customer satisfaction
  • Enhance traveler experience by swiftly delivering intelligent, personalized communication
  • Ease frustration caused by disrupted trips by keeping travelers abreast of their situation
  • Tailor messages to individual travelers based on factors such as where they are in their journey

By delivering timely information, we help you empower your agents to prioritize customers in need
  • Inform agents regarding at-risk itineraries and the waivers that can be applied to them so they can be better positioned to quickly assist disrupted travelers
  • Prioritize issues based on the severity of the impact on their trip and other relevant factors
  • Empower your agents to be as proactive as possible and maximize customer satisfaction even in times of disruption

FlightGlobal’s high-quality data, combining timeliness, accuracy and coverage, gives you a complete and accurate view of every traveler’s experience
  • We process over 16 million flight updates each day, ensuring that you’ll be up-to-date and aware of every single change in a traveler’s itinerary
  • We gather data from over 600 sources and apply multi-source validation, so you can be confident that your reaccommodation efforts are based on highly accurate data.
  • Our global coverage ranges between 95% and 99.9%, enabling you to support travelers wherever their journey takes them

By helping you drive traveler communications and empowering your agents to proactively serve your travelers, we can help you minimize disruptions impacting your travelers.

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Ensure a complete and accurate view of the traveler’s experience


We process over 16 million flight updates per day so you’ll never miss a single change in a traveler's itinerary.


We gather data from more than 600 sources which provides a multi-source validation process, so you can confidently act to re-accommodate travelers based on the information we provide.


Our global coverage ranges between 95% and 99.9% so you know you can support travelers as they journey anywhere in the world.