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Minimize operational impact of disruption

Understanding your challenges

  • Disruptions are unavoidable — be they caused by weather, natural disasters, air traffic control, crew, maintenance, operational issues or other factors — and can have a serious impact on operations
  • Travelers’ plans may be adversely affected by disruptions, and if they are not kept informed of the situation, they will feel frustrated and you may lose their business in the future
  • Matching waivers to travelers’ itineraries is a complicated and time-consuming process, and the more serious the disruption (and thus the more itineraries affected), the more difficult it will be

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How we do it

Our data services empower you to communicate quickly and effectively in times of disruptions and irregular operations (IROPs)
  • Get ahead of delays and send real time alerts to ground operations crews to ensure your operations adapt to the situation as it evolves
  • Alert crew and dispatch teams so they can make crew staff adjustments
  • Notify airport operational employees of delays so they can adjust gate usage
  • Provide all stakeholders with the necessary situational awareness

We help you keep your travelers informed and reaccommodated in times of disruption
  • Ensure call center staff and agents are quickly informed when travelers have been affected by a disruption
  • Facilitate proactive reaccommodation of disrupted travellers
  • Automate handling of airline policy exception waivers, saving agents’ time during peak periods of disruption and reducing the risk of mistakes
  • Reduce the impact on the call centers of both the travel management company and the airline

By providing real time data to help inform ways of minimizing operational impact of disruption, we can help you drive operational efficiency.

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Accurate, timely, and complete flight information


We ensure our data is accurate by collecting real time flight status data from multiple sources.


We sample data more frequently than anyone in the industry, processing about 16.5 million updates per day to ensure you’ll be the first to communicate important events affecting your operations.

Complete Coverage

We collect data from over 600 sources globally, tracking flight status data on 930 airlines monthly. This means you can trust that you are getting the most complete picture of how your operations could be impacted.