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Power real-time alerts and insights for travelers

Understanding your challenges

  • Delivering a complete and accurate view of all flights across web and mobile applications can be a complex task
  • Failing to communicate the right message at the right time to travelers risks customer dissatisfaction and loss of business

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How we help

We provide data solutions that can be easily integrated into your web and mobile applications and alerting platforms so you can keep passengers and internal stakeholders apprised of critical information
  • Access the most accurate and comprehensive flight status data available
  • Gain visibility into operated, codeshare and interline partner flights to ensure flight status information is always available to travelers and help them avoid missing their flights
  • Enrich your customers’ experience by providing enhanced baggage claim and gate information, making sure they can be in the right place at the right time and avoid frustration

We offer a flexible plug-and-play messaging solution to help you seamlessly communicate the right message at the right time
  • Implement our proven, supported and fully functional traveler messaging service instead of spending time and effort building your own
  • Send tailored contextually-intelligent messages to your travelers across all stages of their journey, informing them of the most relevant information via the platform of their choosing, whether it’s email or SMS
  • Keep all affected stakeholders informed, be they airline employees, travel managers, or even friends and family who need to know the status of a traveler’s trip
  • Harness an out-of-the-box solution for automatically tracking and notifying travelers when changes to their itinerary occur
  • Look after your travelers even when parts of their trip are with codeshare or interline partners, keeping your brand at the forefront

By providing you with the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive flight data, we can help you power real-time alerts and insights for your travelers and thus enrich customer experience.

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Values data and opinions you can feel confident in


We ensure our data is accurate by collecting real-time flight status data from multiple sources: travel agencies, global distribution systems, airports and airlines, providing you with more timely, accurate and complete information.


We sample data more frequently than anyone else in the industry, processing about 16.5 million updates per day. Be the first to communicate important events affecting your travelers’ trips, such as gate changes, delays or cancellations

Complete Coverage

We collect data from over 600 sources globally, tracking flight status data on 930 airlines monthly. This means you can trust that your travelers’ needs are catered to wherever in the world their journey takes them