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Understand market outlook

Understanding your challenges

  • Planning decisions cannot be made confidently without knowledge of traveller trends and reliable forecasting of demand.
  • It can be difficult to keep abreast of new developments in the ever-changing aviation landscape.
  • Without a comprehensive overview of the industry, you risk being outmaneuvered by the competition.

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How we do it

We provide market news, analysis and insights that you can trust.
  • Reliable and independent data, news and analysis produced by our team of award-winning experts and industry-renowned journalists
  • Updates released on a daily basis to ensure the most recent and accurate information is always available to you

Access the most up-to-date and comprehensive aviation data and flight information.
  • By collecting, aggregating and managing our datasets using years of experience and expertise, we provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate solutions to support your growth strategies.
  • Our datasets include global airline schedules, fleets, financials, and flights status, positioning and tracking.

We make sure you’re ahead of the curve so you can capitalize on market changes and beat the competition.
  • Access and analyze historical datasets to enable accurate forecasting.
  • Anticipate changes in the market and stay ahead of your competitors.

By giving you access to the industry’s most comprehensive data, along with the latest news, analysis and insights, FlightGlobal can ensure you understand the outlook of your market and are able to adapt effectively.

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Values data and opinions you can feel confident in

Over 16 million flight updates per day

Schedules data sourced directly from over 900 airlines

Fleet data covering over 360k aircraft

Winner of the industry’s “Appraiser of the Year” award