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Keep up to date with industry news

Understanding your challenges

  • Lacking timely updates on new orders and deliveries is a competitive disadvantage and may cause business to be lost
  • Without access to breaking news stories, analysts cannot keep up with industry changes in real-time and will not be able to work effectively
  • Seeking out reliable data and reporting, collating them for use, and checking consistency between multiple sources all consume valuable analyst time

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How we do it

Our real-time coverage of aviation news keeps you ahead of the curve — you’ll know immediately when airlines change their order requirements
  • React to industry changes by accessing an average of 40 news articles every day
  • See the whole picture by viewing the very latest airline fleet, maintenance and network information
  • Enhance your commercial team’s credibility in new business meetings by accessing the highest level of business intelligence available

Access to the most up-to-date analysis, produced by an international team of experts, saves valuable research time and ensures accuracy and credibility
  • Inform your strategy by reading the insights of C-suites from the world’s biggest airlines, OEMs and MROs
  • Streamline your research process by accessing news from a single source, with the ability to filter stories according to your requirements
  • Base your research on the knowledge of a team of 30+ journalists with over 100 years’ combined experience reporting on the aviation industry

To position yourself as a thought leader in your field, you need to the most authoritative information available
  • Drive your new business meetings with the most up-to-date knowledge of your prospects’ market activity
  • React to customer requests with confidence by quickly filtering data to present a comprehensive overview of your customer’s fleet via a single source
  • Improve your market analysis by referencing reports presenting extensive data on engine choices, airline performance and financial outlooks

We give you the most authoritative information available, helping you to back up your analysis.

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Where does our data come from and what makes it the most authoritative

Average of 40 stories per day covering key sectors

25% of content is exclusive to FlightGlobal

Original coverage of quarterly earnings for the major global carriers

Proactive analysis of the top 100 airlines, top 10 lessors and key aircraft programs

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