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Monitor your competition

Understanding your challenges

  • It is difficult to outmaneuver competitors without strong insight into their operations, especially when they have superior insight into yours
  • Monitoring competitors demands accurate and up-to-date information on the investments, deals and other activities they are involved in

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How we help

Ownership, management and lease information allow you to profile your competitors’ aircraft investments
  • Our comprehensive data, including ownership details, covers over 360,000 aircraft
  • Individual transactions are detailed so you can identify which orders, sales, deliveries, deferrals, leases and lease expiries your competitors are involved in

Deals information pinpoints which deals your competitors are involved in and with whom
  • Data on the historical deals activity of your competitors allows you to analyse the commercial aircraft market dynamics, the other organisations involved and the types of deals that have taken place
  • Complete data is available on the type, specifications and value of aircraft involved in a deal

Access to both the latest news and historical events keeps you abreast of competitor activity, past and present
  • Get regular updates specific to your competitors, including which deals, transactions and company developments are taking place
  • Research your competitors’ historical events and current activity to get a better picture of their growth and assess their threat

By helping you understand the profile of your competitors and their latest developments, we can help you stay ahead of the competition

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Inform your competitive research with reliable data and information

The largest fleets database available enables in-depth research on your competitors’ aircraft investments

Covering 360,000+ aircraft, 185,000+ organizations, 70,000+ contact records and 1.96 million aircraft events

The most up-to-date fleets data ensures your competitive analysis is reliably informed

Updated over 1,000 times a day by an international team of over 30 expert analysts

Careful verification of news reports and events information makes sure you’re following facts, not speculation

All news and events checked with the original source to ensure accuracy before publishing

Transparent aircraft and engine value opinions