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  • Iraq Bell 407s - US Army

    Iraq to boost armed Bell 407 fleet


    Iraq has requested a potential acquisition of five Bell 407GX armed helicopters via the US government's Foreign Military Sales programme.

  • Iraq T-6A pair - US Air Force

    Iraq to revive T-6 trainer capability


    ​The US Department of Defense has awarded Textron Aviation a contract worth almost $8.8 million for the "reconstitution" of 15 Beechcraft T-6A basic trainers for the Iraqi air force.

  • Iraq L-159 - Beth Stevenson

    Argentina emerges as potential L-159 customer


    Aero Vodochody is in early negotiations to provide its L-159 light-attack aircraft to Argentina, after the company officially re-established its manufacturing of the type following a 13-year production hiatus.

  • Czech L-159 - Beth Stevenson

    Aero Vodochody produces new-build L-159 trainer for Iraq


    Aero Vodochody has revived its L-159 light attack aircraft production line to produce a one-off twin-seat example for the Iraqi air force.

  • Mirage 2000D v Mali - French MoD

    French air force Mirage 2000Ds to receive mid-life upgrade


    France’s DGA defence procurement agency has contracted Dassault to provide a mid-life upgrade to 55 of the French air force’s Mirage 2000D ground-attack aircraft.

  • Storm Shadow on Tornado at Akrotiri - Crown Copyri

    PICTURES: RAF launches first Storm Shadow strike against IS in Iraq


    MBDA's Storm Shadow cruise missile has been used by the Royal Air Force in the campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq for the first time, with the weapon having been deployed by Panavia Tornado GR4s operating from its Akrotiri base in Cyprus.

  • RAF Typhoon Dubai 2015 - BillyPix

    UK air strike data shows scale of involvement in Iraq and Syria


    Figures released by the UK government show 43 air strikes have been carried out in Syria by the Royal Air Force under its Operation Shader since offensive activities were extended into the country in December: only a fraction of the total since the campaign began over Iraq in September 2014.

  • RAF Reaper - Crown Copyright

    UK committee urges more legal clarity on overseas UAV strikes


    An inquiry into the UK government’s targeted killings overseas using unmanned air vehicles has concluded that more clarification is needed to distinguish the legal boundaries between armed conflicts and counter-terrorism operations.

  • Iraqi CH-4 - Iraqi MoD

    Western defence technology edge challenged by proliferation


    More needs to be done by the West to address an ever-increasing imbalance of military power towards nations benefiting from new low barriers of entry to advanced missile and unmanned technology, new analysis has revealed.

  • Iraq F-16

    US government authorises $2bn Iraqi F-16 weapon sale


    Iraq could receive some $550 million worth of armaments – including air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles – for its Lockheed Martin F-16 fleet, following a US government approval of the possible sale.

  • RAF Typhoon Tornado - Crown Copyright

    Effects of UK intervention in Syria branded 'minimal'


    Defence experts have dismissed the significance of the UK’s intervention against Islamic extremists in Syria, claiming that the worth is “minimal”, and was only decided on to provide the government with a political advantage.

  • Tornado Brimstone - MBDA

    RAF deploys Brimstone for counter-IS attacks


    The UK Royal Air Force has used MBDA dual-mode Brimstone laser-guided air-to-surface missiles against Islamic State militants in Syria for the first time, as the campaign in the region moves towards countering moving targets.

  • Indonesian T-50 crash - Slamet Riyadi/ZUMA Wire/RE

    Indonesian T-50 crashes during aerial display


    A Korea Aerospace Industries/Lockheed Martin T-50 Golden Eagle jet trainer/light combat aircraft belonging to the Indonesian air force crashed on 19 December, during an aerial display at Yogyakarta, Java.

  • Typhoon Paveway IVs - Craig Hoyle Flightglobal

    First Typhoons and additional Tornados bolster RAF's anti-IS contribution


    The extension of the UK’s operations against Islamic State militants into Syria has seen an additional two Panavia Tornado GR4s deployed to the Royal Air Force's Akrotiri base in Cyprus, plus a new deployment of six Eurofighter Typhoons.

  • Op Chammal Rafale en route to Syria - ECPAD/SIPA/R

    France launches Raqqa strikes after Paris terrorist attacks


    ​France has responded to the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris during the evening of 13 November by launching an aerial attack on the heart of the perpetrators’ stronghold in Syria.

  • A-10

    USAF A-10s deploy to Incirlik


    The US will accelerate its air operations in Syria against Islamic State militants by deploying its Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II to Incirlik AFB in Turkey.

  • Iraqi CH-4 - Iraqi MoD

    Iraq debuts new Chinese CH-4 UAV


    Iraq's defence ministry has released a video and pictures of its first China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) CH-4B “Rainbow” unmanned air vehicle taking off from Kut airbase.

  • News

    Russia could agree to combat role inside Iraq


    ​Following its deployment of combat aircraft inside Syria, Russia may also be considering placing some of its air force assets in Iraq.

  • Sentinel R1 pair - Crown Copyright

    Sentinel to continue anti-IS ops until 2016


    The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the Royal Air Force’s Raytheon Sentinel R1 surveillance aircraft will continue to be operated in Iraq and Syria until 2016, despite uncertainty surrounding the fleet's lifespan.

  • Danish F-16s - RIAT

    Danes withdraw F-16s from Iraq deployment


    ​The Royal Danish Air Force has withdrawn its fleet of Lockheed Martin F-16s from the Middle East, where the aircraft had been participating in the air campaign effort against extremists in Iraq, according to local reports.