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    Israel pulls F-15s from US exercise amid border tensions


    Israel has cancelled the planned participation of its Boeing F-15 strike aircraft at a Red Flag Alaska-series exercise in the USA next month, after air force commanders decided that all its frontline fighters should remain at their bases to meet potential hostilities.

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    Israel considers packaging V-22 with heavy-lift helicopter purchase


    Israel has revived discussions with the US government over a potential acquisition of Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys as the programme looks abroad to fill vacant production capacity.

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    Israel revives interest in V-22 purchase


    ​Israeli personnel have taken a fresh opportunity to assess the Bell Boeing MV-22's capabilities, during a joint exercise conducted with the US Marine Corps.

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    IAI to develop all-electric aircraft


    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is to develop an all-electric aircraft, an initial prototype of which will fly in around three years' time.

  • F-35I pair - Israeli air force

    Israel keeps quiet over F-35I's combat debut


    Israel’s Lockheed Martin F-35I "Adir" is reported to have made its combat debut during strikes conducted against Syrian air defence systems last month. The action was mounted following a border clash that culminated in an Israeli air force Lockheed F-16 being shot down by a surface-to-air missile.

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    Israeli ground forces prefer Chinook over CH-53K


    ​Israel may be erring towards the Boeing CH-47 Chinook after the country's army said it preferred the tandem-rotor helicopter for an emerging requirement for heavy-lift rotorcraft.

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    Elbit edges closer to IMI acquisition


    Elbit Systems is to buy state-owned Israel Military Industries (IMI), in a move which will make it the largest defence and aerospace company in Israel.

  • Crashed F-16I - pay AP

    ANALYSIS: How F-16I loss will reshape Israel's offensive strategy


    A sequence of events that began with the shooting down of an Iranian copy of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel stealth unmanned air vehicle led to an Israeli air force Lockheed F-16I being shot down, and a massive aerial attack being launched against at least a dozen targets inside Syria.

  • Israeli F-16 - Rafael

    ANALYSIS: How Israel gave birth to a plethora of aerospace innovations


    Seventy years ago, just after the surviving architects of the Holocaust faced grim justice at Nuremberg, a few hundred thousand idealists – many refugees from post-war Europe’s ruins and committed to creating a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land – established the state of Israel. At first, the new nation ...

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    ANALYSIS: Israel's UAV specialists target exports


    From compact, battlefield-launched, eyes in the sky to large, tactical reconnaissance platforms and warhead-armed systems that can loiter for hours before hitting their targets with deadly effect, Israel has led the world in developing unmanned air systems. With know-how created by the need to survey enemy combatants in built-up areas ...

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    ANALYSIS: Israel Aerospace Industries pushes into commercial market


    The Singapore air show remains one of the most important events on the calendar for Israel’s aerospace and defence industry. The island state has been a major customer of Israeli equipment since Israeli Defence Force officers helped establish Singapore’s military after independence in 1965. The nations have many similarities – ...

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    ANALYSIS: Israeli weapons house Rafael has Asian nations in its sights


    India and Australia are among the Asia-Pacific nations that Rafael has firmly in its sights with its current and in-development weapons and targeting systems. The company is “in the final stages” of developing the third and latest, ER, version of its I-Derby active radar air-to-air missile, and is eyeing a ...

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    Israeli air force targets Lieberman's rocket plan


    ​Israeli defence minister Avigdor Lieberman has expressed his full support for the development of a capability to attack targets at ranges of up to 270nm (500km) using surface-to-surface missiles, instead of combat aircraft.

  • Hero 400EC - UVision

    UVision trials extended-range Hero


    ​Israeli unmanned air system developer UVision has demonstrated its Hero 400EC extended-range loitering weapon system to what it describes as a "strategic customer".

  • Israel C-130J - Royal International Air Tattoo

    Elbit lands Israeli Hercules training deal


    Elbit Systems is to provide the Israeli air force with flight simulation services to support operations with its Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules tactical transports until 2030.

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    Israeli navy shifts focus to VTOL UAV


    Israel's navy plans to operate vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air vehicles from its new Saar 6 corvettes, with the selected type to be used in conjunction with an incoming fleet of Sikorsky SH-60F Seahawk maritime helicopters.

  • F-35I pair - Israeli air force

    Israel declares its F-35I fleet combat-ready


    The Israeli air force on 6 December declared its Lockheed Martin F-35I "Adir" combat aircraft as having achieved initial operational capability.

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    Israel ready to receive next two F-35Is at Nevatim


    Israel's air force is due to receive its next two Lockheed Martin F-35Is before the end of this week, boosting its fleet of the type to nine. The aircraft will touch down at Nevatim air base in the south of the country.

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    Israel launches Blue Flag exercise


    Israel's Blue Flag exercise began on 2 November, with the activity attracting a record number of participating air forces.

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    Cormorant UAV gets its Safran engine


    ​Tactical Robotics has begun installing a Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2 on its Cormorant fancraft unmanned air vehicle.