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  • Airbus delivery line-up Toulouse A330 A350 tails 2019

    Mainline deliveries could exceed 700 in 2020 and rise next year


    With a little over three months left of 2020, it is remains far from clear what the industry’s mainline jet delivery total will be for the year, amid uncertainty over the pace of the recovery and the availability of finance. Adding to the confusing picture is the likely timing of the Boeing 737 Max’s return and, if it does get a green light in 2020, how many aircraft will be handed over.

  • El Al Abu Dhabi

    Arab-Israeli flight prospects broaden as Oman backs Bahraini diplomatic move


    Oman’s government has welcomed the decision by Bahrain’s leadership to establish full normalisation of diplomatic relations with the state of Israel – potentially allowing a further expansion of Israeli-Arab air services. Bahrain is the second Arab nation within a month to reach such a decision, and the support of ...

  • ATR incident title

    Crew’s late escape from icing preceded serious ATR 72 upset


    Norwegian investigators have disclosed that an ATR 72-600 suffered a serious loss of control, with excessive wing bank, as its crew belatedly attempted to escape from icing conditions during a domestic Bergen-Alesund service. The inquiry into the incident – involving a Jet Time flight for SAS on 14 November ...

  • VA-IX - cr Vertical Aerospace

    The magic number that makes electric flight viable


    Today’s attempts to fly on battery power rely on the same Lithium-ion technology that powers cells phones and automobiles; it can work, but to really get off the ground aviation will need a new generation of energy storage technology

  • RAM 737-800

    RAM 737 carried out long, high-speed take-off after call-out hitch


    UK investigators have found that a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-800 lifted off from London Gatwick at nearly 200kt, and close to the end of the runway, after the crew did not receive automatic speed call-outs during the take-off roll. The crew of the aircraft (CN-RGJ), bound for Casablanca ...

  • 787 Everette line. Boeing

    Boeing identifies issue with 787 vertical stabiliser shims


    Boeing has identified another manufacturing issue related to the 787s vertical stabliser, the fourth manufacturing problem to come to light in recent weeks. The new issue relates specifically to shims in a section of the 787’s vertical stabiliser, says the airframer. Source: Boeing “In ...

  • BA and Aer Lingus jets

    IAG dials back capacity outlook as recovery falters


    IAG has pulled back its capacity planning for this year and next, after the initial encouraging signs of booking recovery in the air transport crisis started to level off. It is expecting third-quarter capacity to be 78%, rather than 74%, down on last year’s figure, while the fourth quarter ...

  • EasyJet-Ryanair-c-Shutterstock

    Winter of disconnect ahead for Europe’s airlines


    There are few crumbs of comfort for European airlines as they look back on a worse-than-expected summer season and forward to what could be a bleak winter.

  • Emirates Airbus A380 take-off

    Proposed A380neo would have offered double-digit fuel reduction: Clark


    Emirates Airline president Tim Clark laments Airbus’s decision to abandon the “A380neo”, believing that the proposed re-egngining would have created an “absolutely brilliant” aircraft offering a double-digit fuel-burn reduction.

  • Lufthansa Airbus A320

    How the traffic collapse has improved European flight efficiency


    Analysis of flight operations in Europe has given an insight into a fringe benefit of the air transport crisis – the improvement in flightpath efficiency in all three spatial dimensions. Eurocontrol has been monitoring the airspace situation in detail since the onset of the crisis, and assessing the effect ...

  • Willie-Walsh

    Walsh hands over IAG reins – and challenges – to Gallego


    Willie Walsh signed off as chief executive of British Airways and Iberia parent IAG during the group’s AGM today, while also confirming he is leaving the aviation industry after a four-decade career.

  • Klasjet 737-500 incident

    Experienced crew struggled with instrument flight after 737 lost autopilots


    Spanish investigators have detailed an unusual incident in which a Boeing 737-500 crew struggled to control the aircraft after the autopilots failed, even though all the instruments needed to operate the flight remained fully functional. Operated by Lithuanian carrier Klasjet, the aircraft had departed Madrid Barajas for Kaunas on ...

  • Recovery-tracker-Sept
    In depth

    Airline coronavirus recovery tracker: September 2020 update


    Our regular examination of the latest global data for several key airline market indicators, including traffic and capacity in passenger and cargo markets, airport passenger throughput, in-service and stored fleets, jet fuel costs, and share price trends for the world’s largest groups.

  • Xian H-6N October 2019

    H-6 evolves from Cold War relic to Beijing’s hammer


    Beijing’s years of patient investment in the Xian H-6 bomber, a local variant of the Cold War-era Tupolev Tu-16, have created an attack asset which is of significant concern to Washington DC. If aircraft mentions are anything to go by, the Pentagon’s recent China Military Power Report suggests ...

  • Aircraft 5

    Newest start-ups might hold recipe for real tech advancement


    In recent weeks, a slew of aerospace start-ups unveiled ambitious plans to develop aerospace technologies aimed at slashing emissions and allowing autonomous flight.

  • Jazz Dash 8 fuel truck collision

    Disorderly evacuation followed fuel truck collision with Dash 8


    Investigators have revealed passengers on a Jazz Bombardier Dash 8-300 suffered injuries by opening and jumping from exits before any evacuation was ordered, after the turboprop was hit by a fuel truck at Toronto. The inquiry into the accident, on 10 May last year, has highlighted passengers’ behaviour in ...

  • Honeywell UV Cabin System c Honeywell
    In depth

    How coronavirus crisis is changing requirements for aircraft interiors


    The pandemic has devastated the interiors market, but customer demands for cleaner, coronavirus-safe seats and surroundings could provide a boost for the troubled sector, helping restore passenger confidence. Some of the changes could even outlive the crisis

  • 1-us-air-power-c-us-air-force
    In depth

    US Air Force special report: Preparing for the high-end fight


    Ahead of the Air Force Association’s virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference running from 14-16 September, FlightGlobal has put together a package of articles about important issues in the US Air Force.

  • Jeju Air 737-800

    New Jeju Air boss sees pandemic as defining moment


    The chief executive of South Korean low-cost carrier Jeju Air is focusing on the basics as the airline grapples with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. E-Bae Kim has been chief executive of Jeju Air since 1 June, following a 30-year career with Asiana Airlines. His predecessor in the ...

  • El Al 737-900ER Peace

    El Al plans to cross Saudi airspace with 737 to reach UAE


    El Al’s planned inaugural flight to the United Arab Emirates is being flightplanned to transit Saudi Arabian airspace, a route which would normally be off-limits to Israeli aircraft. The intended flightpath for the Tel Aviv-Abu Dhabi flight on 31 August would cross Jordanian airspace and then enter Saudi airspace ...