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  • 50 years ago: 6 March 2007

50 years ago: 6 March 2007


Flight 8.3.1957

Red Star Turboprop

Confirmation that a four-engined Antonov turbo­prop is soon to go into service is forthcoming from the Russian armed forces newspaper Red Star. The new turboprop, which is to be called the "Ukraine", is said to have a high wing, to be capable of carrying 70-80 passengers at a cruising speed of about 370 m.p.h., to be pressurized, and to operate at an altitude of about 30,000ft. It is also stated that the aircraft is capable of maintaining height on two engines and of taking off on three.

Mid-Canada Line

From Montreal comes a report that the Mid-Canada Line, begun in 1954 and designed to give radar warning of air attacks from over the North Pole, will be in operation within a few weeks. Roughly following the 55th parallel, and one of three warning lines across Canada, the Mid-Canada Line is costing $200,000,000.

Progressive Proteus

When the Bristol Britannia 102 entered scheduled service with B.O.A.C. on February 1 the overhaul life of its Proteus 705 turboprop engine was 500 hours - an excellent figure. After only one month in regular work the time has now been raised to 650 hours throughout the Britannia fleet, and one engine per aircraft is being worked to 850 in preparation for the next stage .

- and on show

Sectioned Bristol and Centaurus engines are now on view in the aeronautical gallery at the Science Museum, South Kensington, London, S.W.7.

Relief for the Pilot

Last spring new Government legislation on aircrew flight-time limitations was not received too graciously by the pilots. Revised proposals by a committee under the chairmanship of Sir Frederick Bowhill have now led to new regulations and they were laid before Parliament last week by the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation.

New Company

A joint company, Nuclear Graphite Ltd., is being formed by the A.E.I. - John Thompson Nuclear Energy Co. Ltd, and the Morgan Crucible Co. Ltd. It will specialize in the machining of graphite blocks for moderator piles in atomic reactors.

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