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  • Aeroconseil touts role in fitting in-flight GSM to A330 VIP

Aeroconseil touts role in fitting in-flight GSM to A330 VIP

French engineering and air transport services firm Aeroconseil is touting the role it played in fitting an AeroMobile GSM in-flight connectivity system to an Airbus A330 VIP aircraft for Lufthansa Technik.

Aeroconseil, which assisted with the installation of AeroMobile's onboard mobile telephony system on Emirates' Airbus A330s, A340s and Boeing 777s, says it worked with the Telenor subsidiary and Lufthansa Technik to ensure the A330 VIP installation was completed "on time and at the level of excellence required".

Aeroconseil concluded the design and certification of the AeroMobile kit on the A330 VIP, while Lufthansa Technik was involved in the installation.

Connectivity will run over Inmarsat's Swift64 service, but the system will support SwiftBroadband when upgraded.

"The market for business and VIP jets is growing and therefore so are the requests for VIP cabin reconfiguration. In this very specific market, the requirements in terms of project management, lead times, quality and innovative design are decisive," says Aeroconseil director of aircraft modifications activity Eric Sperazza.

"Thanks to our combined efforts, we were able to meet this technological challenge in less than ten months, and with a quality level consistent with VIP customer expectations."

AeroMobile chief commercial officer Peter Tuggey recently told Flightglobal that 2010 promises to be a busy year in the business aviation sector, noting: "You'll see further evidence of heads-of-state using the system as well."

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