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Air Algerie 737 aborts take-off after snowplough incursion

Investigators are probing a conflict during which an Air Algerie Boeing 737-800 was cleared for take-off from Lyon after a snowplough had been permitted to enter the active runway.

The aircraft (7T-VKR) had been cleared to take off from runway 35L.

It was operating flight AH1157 to the port of Annaba on 14 November, states French investigation authority BEA.

BEA says Lyon airport was operating under low-visibility procedures.

It states that the ground controller – "without co-ordinating" with the local tower controller – allowed the snowplough to enter the runway at taxiway A4.

BEA says the conflict was noticed and that the local tower controller ordered the 737 crew to abort the departure. The jet came to a halt 1,200m from the A4 intersection.

None of the aircraft's occupants was injured.

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