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  • Airbus forecasts demand for 24,300 new aircraft by 2026

Airbus forecasts demand for 24,300 new aircraft by 2026

Airbus’ latest 20-year market forecast is predicting demand for 24,300 new passenger and freighter aircraft by 2026, a rise of 1,600 on its previous outlook a year ago.

Carriers will double their fleets of aircraft with at least 100 seats to 28,550 from today’s figure of 13,300.

Airbus is forecasting a need for 23,400 new passenger aircraft – partly to replace 8,150 older aircraft – plus 900 new freighters to supplement increased demand for 3,800 freighter deliveries.

It values the global requirement at $2.8 trillion and breaks down the 20-year demand as follows:

  • 16,600 single-aisle aircraft
  • 4,000 small twin-aisle aircraft (250-300 seats)
  • 2,000 intermediate twin-aisle aircraft (350-400 seats)
  • 1,700 large aircraft (over 400 seats), including 400 freighters

Asia-Pacific customers will account for 31% of the passenger aircraft demand. North America will make up another 27%, with Europe taking 24%.

Source: premium news site Air Transport Intelligence news



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