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  • Airbus raises 20-year forecast to almost 28,000 aircraft

Airbus raises 20-year forecast to almost 28,000 aircraft

Airbus is forecasting a demand for 27,848 new aircraft over the next 20 years, a rise of more than 2,000 airframes against its figure of 25,844 last year.

The airframer has presented its latest global market forecast, covering 2011-30, at an event in London.

Its figure includes 26,921 new passenger aircraft and 927 new freighters.

This will take the global passenger fleet from 15,002 to 31,424 by 2030.

The demand includes 1,331 passenger aircraft in the high-capacity class, such as the A380.

Its outlook for the single-aisle market includes 19,165 new passenger aircraft, a share of which will be taken by Airbus's A320neo family.

Single-aisle demand will account for 71% of the aircraft and 43% of the overall value.

The twin-aisle demand accounts for 6,425 passenger aircraft.

Of the new passenger deliveries, 16,422 will be for expansion while the other 10,499 will be replacement aircraft.

Some 2,200 aircraft will be converted to freighters while the remaining 8,300 will be permanently retired.

Airbus values the 20-year demand for passenger aircraft at $3.2 trillion.

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