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  • Altitude reaches new heights with VIP 737 cabin mock-up

Altitude reaches new heights with VIP 737 cabin mock-up

Altitude Aerospace Interiors has launched a VIP cabin mock-up of a Boeing 737 in an effort to promote the technical and design expertise of its Christchurch, New Zealand-based completions facility and offset the tyranny of distance for owners of VIP-configured airliners.

The Air New Zealand-owned company - which launched two years ago - is the only completions outfit in the southern hemisphere. It has undertaken a number of modification and maintenance projects but is seeking to attract more green Boeing Business Jet completions contracts.

"We are in the middle of some very promising bids for major mods and green completions for late 2011," says the company. "But at this stage we are only able to discuss the one green completion that we have contracted - our Asian customer, due on dock in 2013."

The interior design - project named Pounamu - is installed in a retired 737 and includes a grand entrance way, a salon with bar area and seating for six people as well as a fully functional conference room.

"The project came about from a need to reassure potential customers that we knew how to undertake the most complex programmes - even though we were technically a new name to the industry," the company says.

"Although our design, technical and installation experience on 737 aircraft stems back several decades, the Altitude name was new to the BBJ market. We sensed that potential customers looking for a completion centre really wanted to see a tangible example of what we could produce."

Through Pounamu, the company adds, "we sought to partially refurbish a retired 737 fuselage to look exactly like what you'd experience on board a BBJ".

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