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An-12 crash inquiry begins flight-recorder analysis

Ukrainian investigators have commenced analysis of flight-recorder information from the Antonov An-12BK which crashed on approach to Lviv on 4 October.

While detailed data from the recorders has yet to be disclosed, investigating authority NBAAI says the devices were in a "satisfactory" condition following their retrieval from the accident site.

Information gathered during its field investigation shows the Ukraine Air Alliance aircraft had been descending on a heading of 310° – consistent with an approach to runway 31 – in "difficult" weather conditions including poor visibility, the inquiry states.

It says vertical visibility was down to 60m, owing to fog, while the runway visual range was 800m.

The inquiry confirms that the aircraft was intending to refuel but has not given any indication of the fuel status on board, and has not stated whether the crew had transmitted any urgency call or declared an emergency.

NBAAI says the flight-recorder data has been decoded and transferred to its specialists for analysis, and it has been gathering radar and communications information in co-operation with air navigation service UkSATSE.

Eight occupants had been on board the An-12, arriving from Vigo in Spain, but only three survived the accident.

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