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  • Austrian to offer onboard voting during regional election

Austrian to offer onboard voting during regional election

Austrian Airlines Group is to offer a special onboard voting service to its passengers during Lower Austria's forthcoming regional elections.

Passengers will be able to cast their votes onboard all Austrian Airlines Group carriers, comprising mainline airline Austrian, regional carrier Austrian Arrows and leisure arm Lauda Air.

"We've done this in the past and customers use this service a lot," says Austrian Airlines.

Onboard voting will open at 17.00 on 9 March and will be available on the group's flights to and from Austria.

The spokesman says: "We do not have ballot boxes, but we do allow people to go to the galley or an empty seat row where they can vote secretly. After that the votes are collected by flight staff and are conveyed to the authorities."

Passengers wishing to take advantage of the service must first register to vote somewhere other than their local polling station. They are then sent their voting papers, which must be placed in a sealed envelope before being handed to the cabin crew.

"This is a service we provide to our customers, but they have to go through some steps to use it," says Austrian.