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  • AUVSI: HDT Global tweaks controller, robot

AUVSI: HDT Global tweaks controller, robot

HDT Global (booth 2828) is readying a new controller for release later this year to go along with its MK 2 Adroit robot manipulator arms, which are also getting upgraded actuators to bring down vehicle cost.

The company is retooling the multiple degrees of freedom, joystick-style controller to work in more rugged environments, such as dust, sand and water, all places in which the company envisions its robots will be likely used.

The prior prototype controller was not sealed, and the company made some early guesses in hand-fit and usability to get the product started. Now they are reading HDT's third or fourth iteration, according to controls engineer Daniel Walsh.

"The idea's the same in that part of our philosophy here is we want to make this as intuitive as possible," he says.