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Beijing, Istanbul airports ink joint cooperation

Beijing Capital Airport (BCIA) and Istanbul Airport have signed a memorandum of understanding, paving the way for a partnership.

The agreement, signed on 13 November, will see BCIA and Istanbul Airport cooperate in areas such as hub construction, airport operations, as well as staff training.

BCIA says this cooperation will also go towards expanding the Beijing-Istanbul aviation market, and grow the economic and trade relations between China and Turkey.

The airport did not state how long the agreement will stand for.

Other than Istanbul Airport, BCIA has partnerships with other airports such as Singapore’s Changi Airport, Tokyo Narita, London Heathrow, as well as Moscow Domodedovo.

Cirium schedules data indicates that there are currently two airlines flying between BCIA and Istanbul Airport. Turkish Airlines has a daily operation, while China Southern Airlines flies thrice-weekly.

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