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BOC Aviation hints that 747-8Fs came from Boeing Capital

BOC Aviation has all but named Boeing Capital as the seller of the two Boeing 747-8 Freighters leased to AirBridgeCargo that it recently acquired.

The lessor says in a stock exchange disclosure that the sellers of the two aircraft "principally engaged in aircraft leasing and are subsidiaries of Boeing".

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that the MSNs of the two 747-8Fs leased by Boeing Capital to AirBridgeCargo are 60117 and 60118 and were built in 2014. It also shows that the two jets are owned by BCC Equipment Leasing Corp.

The purchase was executed on 31 March, with BOC Aviation paying cash for the two aircraft, which was sourced from cash on hand, loan proceeds and other borrowings.

At list prices, the deal is valued at $758 million, although BOC Aviation admits there is a "significant difference" between that value and the consideration paid, with the latter figure subject to strict confidentiality under its agreement with the seller.

Values data from Flight Ascend Consultancy shows that the current market value for 2014-vintage 747-8F is around $123 million.

BOC Aviation adds that, in the view of its directors, the deal is in-line with its strategy to "build its balance sheet by investing in modern, efficient, in-demand aircraft."

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