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  • Boeing: German CSAR selection process slips into 2011

Boeing: German CSAR selection process slips into 2011

The selection process for Germany's combat search and rescue helicopter requirement may slip into the first quarter of next year, a top Boeing executive says.

"Their process - because of some internal activities - looks like it's sliding about a quarter. That is the information we've received," says Leanne Caret, vice-president of Boeing H-47 programmes.

Berlin had planned to award a contract by the end of this year, with contract signature in 2011 and initial fielding in 2013.

Boeing was among several industry teams - also including AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Sikorsky - that responded to an air force request for proposals in June for a CSAR helicopter.

Germany's tender called for awarding a contract for eight aircraft, plus 11 options. Boeing expects that it will ultimately buy eight to 12 aircraft, according to a slide presented at an H-47 briefing on 25 October.

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Boeing submitted a proposal based on the CH-47F (above) that "matched up to some of their specific requirements", Caret says.

"We're on standby and we'll answer questions as they have any clarifications," she adds. "But since they are in their source selection process it's pretty quiet and we always respect that privacy."

The competition also drew interest from the Sikorsky H-92 CSAR variant, the AgustaWestland AW101 and the Eurocopter-led NH Industries NH90.

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