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  • Boeing says wing fix is now complete on two more 787s

Boeing says wing fix is now complete on two more 787s

Boeing today said it has completed installing reinforcements within the side-of-body section on two more 787s to meet the year-end deadline for first flight of the aircraft.

Over the weekend the reinforcements were completed on the static aircraft and flight test aircraft number two. On 11 November Boeing completed the installation on the first 787 targeted for flight testing.

The airframer explains the modification entails installing new fittings at 34 stringer locations within the joint where the wing is attached to the fuselage.

On 23 June Boeing announced its discovery that the upper stringers of the wing-to-body join were not strong enough to meet FAA certification requirements for static strength, which pushed first flight beyond a previously-targeted date for the close of the second quarter.

"Our focus now is on completing the static test later this month, which will validate the modification," says 787 progamme VP and general manager Scott Fancher, who reiterates the 787 remains on track for first flight by the end of December.

Boeing says the static test airframe is being refitted with strain gauges and instruments required for testing. Access doors, systems and fasteners removed from aircraft two to supply access for repairs are being restored in preparation for continued testing on the aircraft. The first 787 is also being restored.

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