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  • Boeing to acquire remaining 50% of Global Aeronautica

Boeing to acquire remaining 50% of Global Aeronautica

Boeing will acquire the remaining 50% share of Global Aeronautica, its joint venture with Italy's Alenia Aeronautica, ATI has learned.

Global Aeronautica is responsible for the integration of the 787's center fuselage sections at the company's North Charleston, South Carolina site.

Alenia fabricates sections 44 and 46 in Grottalie, Italy, while Kawasaki and Fuji Heavy Industries are responsible for sections 43 and 45/11, respectively, with both built in Nagoya, Japan.

The four sections are flown to North Charleston where they are mated and stuffed with systems before being shipped to final assembly in Everett, Washington.

Boeing first purchased Vought's 50% share in Global Aeronautica back in March 2008 after the airframer moved to increase oversight at the North Charleston facility.

The company has slowly expanded its ownership of the site, later purchasing Vought's aft fuselage facility in July, raising the total share of ownership of the site to 75%.

In October, Boeing selected North Charleston as the site of the second 787 final assembly line.

Programme sources say an official announcement on the Global Aeronautica agreement is expected around 07:00EST.

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