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  • Boeing to send 113 aircraft to Indian carriers within six years

Boeing to send 113 aircraft to Indian carriers within six years

Boeing has 113 aircraft in its order book from Indian carriers, most of which are for narrowbodies.

Jet Airways is the airframer's largest Indian client, with 10 Boeing 787s and 43 Boeing 737s.

State-owned carrier Air India has 27 Boeing 787s and three 777s on order, while SpiceJet has ordered 30 Boeing 737s.

The manufacturer is aiming to deliver these aircraft within the next five to six years, Boeing India president Dinesh Keskar said at a press conference at the India Aviation airshow.

He dismissed concerns that the big losses incurred by the Indian carriers could have an impact on the company's business.

"We have been prudent, only selling to Air India, Jet Airways and SpiceJet. We make sure that they have business plans and that everything makes sense to us," said Keskar.

"SpiceJet and Jet Airways losing money quarter after quarter are not comfortable for us. They have to raise fares if they want their financial situation to improve," he said, adding that Boeing has not had a single cancellation from the Indian market, despite these challenges.

He added that Indian carriers have to stop selling below costs to stop the bleeding and put the right aircraft on the right routes to match capacity with demand to succeed.

Boeing projects that of the 33,500 aircraft needed worldwide in the next 20 years, India will account for 1,320 aircraft worth $150 billion.

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