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  • Bombardier puts Rockwell Collins Fusion on Learjet 85

Bombardier puts Rockwell Collins Fusion on Learjet 85

Bombardier has chosen Rockwell Collins to provide the Pro Line 21 Fusion integrated avionics suite for the company's new eight-passenger, all-composite Learjet 85.

Fusion is Rockwell Collins' most advanced integrated avionics suite to date, featuring three high-resolution 15in (380mm) diagonal LCD displays, synthetic and enhanced vision, advanced human-machine interface including graphical flight planning capability, integrated flight information systems with electronic charts, dual advanced flight management systems and electronic checklists linked to the engine indicating and crew alerting system.

This is the second application of Pro Line Fusion in a Bombardier aircraft platform, following the selection of Fusion for Bombardier's Global Vision flightdeck for the Global 5000 and Global Express XRS ultra-long-range business jets in September 2007. Mitsubishi selected Fusion for its Mitsubishi Regional Jet in November.

Launched in October 2007, the new Learjet will be the first composite business jet certificated to Part 25 standards, says Bombardier. The aircraft will be designed to cruise as fast as Mach 0.82 and have a range of 5,560km (3,000nm).

Bombardier on 12 May announced that it had selected Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307B engines to power the twinjet.

The engines will each produce 6,100lb take-off thrust (27kN) , and include low-emissions combustors, an advanced shock-management fan for increased flow capacity, and powdered-metal, high-pressure turbine disks for improved efficiency.

The company is expected to unveil a mock-up of the Learjet 85 at this year's National Business Aviation Association annual convention in October.

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