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Bosnia set to take full control of its airspace

Bosnia and Herzegovina air navigation authority BHANSA is set to take full control of the Balkan country's airspace from midnight on 5 December.

The measure means that all flights passing through the Sarajevo flight information region will be locally controlled.

BHANSA currently provides air traffic control only up to 32,500ft following a partial transition undertaken towards the end of 2014.

Upper airspace traffic has been overseen by control centres in neighbouring states Serbia and Croatia.

BHANSA director Davorin Primorac says the Bosnian authority only controls some 200 flights but that, after the switch, it will be dealing with up to 1,600 overflights.

"In a relatively short period of time we, as the youngest European agency for the provision of air navigation services, have created technical, personnel and all other pre-conditions to fully control the air traffic over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina," he adds.

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