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  • CAGI wins Canadian financing for Windeagle production

CAGI wins Canadian financing for Windeagle production

Graham Warwick/WASHINGTON DC

Canadian Aerospace Group International (CAGI) has received C$1.625 million ($1.1 million) from the Canadian Government towards setting up a manufacturing facility at St Hubert, Montreal, for the Windeagle general aviation aircraft.

CAGI's Windeagle Aircraft subsidiary plans to begin producing the former Windecker Eagle all-composite light aircraft immediately in temporary facilities at the former military air base while a factory is built. The new manufacturing site is scheduled to be occupied by September and completed by December.

Burlington, Ontario-based CAGI says it has 41 orders, worth $23 million, for the four-seat retractable-gear Windeagle. These include a 15-aircraft order for a turboprop-powered derivative to be developed. The basic 225kW (300hp) piston-powered aircraft is certificated in the USA.

The launch order for the 335kW Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-powered Windeagle Turbo Prop was placed by South African aircraft sales and management company Interdoc Aerospace, which will provide the support centre in sub-Saharan Africa. The first delivery is planned for late this year.

Interdoc's airline division has previously ordered five Twin Panda 19-seat utility aircraft, worth $21 million, from CAGI. These are Chinese-manufactured Harbin Y-12-IVs completed by CAGI at its North Bay, Ontario, plant, with uprated PT6A turboprops and Westernised avionics, interior and landing gear. CAGI says it has orders totalling $30 million for the Twin Panda, with the Interdoc aircraft to be delivered by the end of next year.

The Twin Panda is being marketed as a replacement for the de Havilland Canada Twin Otter, while the Windeagle is offered as a business and training aircraft for the military liaison role. CAGI is to add winglets, pressurisation and will stretch the cabin.