China's Hainan to acquire 30 787-9s

Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines indicates that it is planning to acquire 30 Boeing 787-9 jets.

The operator’s plan is contained in a disclosure to the Shanghai stock exchange.

It refers to the signing of a purchase agreement which is to be submitted to a general meeting of shareholders.

Delivery of the aircraft will take place by 2021, the airline states. It adds that the aircraft have a catalogue price of $257 million but that it expects to secure concessions.

No engine selection has been listed in the disclosure.

The airline is already a customer for the 787-8. It ordered eight General Electric GEnx-powered aircraft in 2005 and another pair in 2007.

Hainan Airlines says it plans to introduce 35 aircraft under a 2015 fleet plan, including two 787-8s, six Airbus A330-300s and five A330-200s, plus 22 Boeing 737-800s.

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