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  • Cloud Cap demonstrates UAV precision moving landing system

Cloud Cap demonstrates UAV precision moving landing system

Cloud Cap Technology has demonstrated a precision net-based moving landing capability for unmanned air vehicles with ten successful flight tests carried out in Arizona 7-8 November.

The recovery system uses a software modified Cloud Cap Piccolo II autopilot, the algorithms of which adapt the UAV glide path to match the relative position of the landing net as it moves in a constant linear direction.

The modified autopilot was fitted to an Advanced Ceramics Silver Fox UAV for the demonstrations. The recovery net was mounted on a trailer towed by a light truck.

Cloud Cap says the demonstration represented the first time the moving landing algorithms, developed as part of the company’s Branch 2.X software roll out, had been flight tested.

“The team was ten for ten on autonomous recovery attempts, which included a variety of moving net scenarios. This was the first flight test of the moving capture algorithms and demonstrated the capability required for autonomous shipboard recovery. Shipboard testing will follow early next year”.

Development of the new landing algorithms took around one year according to the company. Cloud Cap released its Branch 2.x software suite in August this year.

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