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Crushable concrete makes seventh save

A crushable concrete arresting pad installed at Teterboro airport snagged a Gulfstream IV-SP that overran the runway at New York's business aviation hub during a landing in rainy, windy weather on 1 October. None of the passengers or crew were injured.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, operator of the airport, installed the bed in 2006 in the wake of a 2005 crash of a Bombardier Challenger 601 that had aborted a take-off on the same runway, crossing a street, crashing into a building and burning.

According to Kevin Quan, senior regional director of Zodiac subsidiary Engineered Arresting Systems, which makes the pad, the large-cabin Gulfstream (N923CL) travelled about 24m (80ft) into the 76m bed, which is set back 11m from the end of Runway 6. Quan says there were a couple of hundred feet of skid marks leading up to the pad.

Gulfstream IV-SP crushable concrete overrun

The airport had previously contracted with Esco to install a second arrestor bed on a different runway at the airport early next year. The snag makes for seven out of seven saves for the crushable concrete systems since the first installation in 1999. The company has installed 55 of the arrestor beds, the most recent in Key West, Florida.

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