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  • Delta to offer Gogo Vision on more aircraft

Delta to offer Gogo Vision on more aircraft

Gogo will roll out its wireless in-flight entertainment system, Gogo Vision, across more of Delta Air Lines' aircraft after the airline first began offering the product on its 757-300 fleet last year.

The SkyTeam carrier's two-class and Delta Connection aircraft will now also receive Gogo Vision, says the in-flight connectivity provider. Installations will begin in 2012 and will be completed by 2013. Delta will also receive wi-fi connectivity and Gogo Vision on its international aircraft by end-2015. "When complete, Delta will have more than 950 aircraft equipped with Gogo connectivity and Gogo Vision," says Gogo.

In the meantime, Delta is also upgrading its domestic fleet to Gogo's next generation connectivity solution, ATG-4.

"As we begin updating their fleet with our next generation ATG-4 connectivity service, we will also add the Gogo Vision product to those aircraft," says Michael Small, Gogo's president and chief executive.

Gogo Vision streams videos, stored on an internal server on the aircraft, to passengers' personal wi-fi enabled devices. Delta first began offering Gogo Vision on all of its 16 757-300s last year.

Gogo says more than 200 aircraft, operated by American Airlines and Delta, are equipped with Gogo Vision. More than 1,400 aircraft flown by Delta, American and US Airways will have Gogo Vision by end-2013, it adds.

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