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  • Dubai 09: Prince to help ExecuJet find aircraft buyers

Dubai 09: Prince to help ExecuJet find aircraft buyers

ExecuJet has enlisted a Greek prince to open doors with potential aircraft buyers in the Middle East and Europe. London-based HRH Prince Nikolaos will act as adviser to the board of the business aviation services group.

"My role will be client relations and introductions and generally expand ExecuJet's horizons in this region and in Europe," says Prince Nikolaos, the son of King Constantine - who was deposed after a military coup in 1967 - and a former Fox News journalist and financier.

Although not a pilot, he is a regular user of business aviation. "I don't own a plane, but I have always loved it," he says.

Prince Nikolaos of Greece Billypix
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The Middle East market for aircraft is recovering fast, particularly in the super-midsize category and above, says Andrew Hoy, managing director of ExecuJet Aircraft Trading. "The region is a strength for us. There is still a lot of money in this region, especially in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia," he says.

ExecuJet is a significant player in the Middle East, with a large fixed base operation at Dubai International airport. It has reserved land to build a second facility in the city at new Maktoum International airport.

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