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  • DUBAI: Boeing developing new CH-47 rotors

DUBAI: Boeing developing new CH-47 rotors

Boeing is developing new composite rotor blades for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter that will increase lift capacity by 907kg. The new rotors will be available from 2014, and can be retrofitted to previous examples of the Chinook.

Boeing also mentioned a concept for a variant of the C-17 that would burn 25% less fuel than the current model. At Farnborough in 2010, Boeing discussed a similar concept, the C-17FE, which would reduce the aircraft's cross section by 4ft (1.2m) and reduce fuel consumption.

The UAE has ordered six C-17s, four of which have been delivered. The UAE C-17 on static display (A77-A78) was the nation's first example of the type. A USAF C-17 is also on static display.

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