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  • DUBAI: ExecuJet launches SimplyFly for turnkey financing

DUBAI: ExecuJet launches SimplyFly for turnkey financing

The ExecuJet Aviation Group has launched a turnkey package that includes aircraft financing options, known as SimplyFly.

The programme is designed to ensure simple, transparent and predictable processes that transcend many of the commercial risks and complexities of aircraft ownership and operation, said ExecuJet.

SimplyFly is also tailored to those who have to date stayed away from jet ownership, or gravitated towards fractional ownership programmes, in order to avoid the complexity and burden of aircraft financing, the company said.

ExecuJet CEO Niall Olver said: "ExecuJet now has a fund available for non-recourse financing, both on and off balance sheet.

"This capability has been combined with our aircraft sourcing, management and operations services into a single integrated product, and makes us quite unique in meeting a long apparent market demand," he added. "As one knows, true non-recourse finance is a rare product and we trust this will ensure that ExecuJet continues to stay one step ahead in the industry."

In addition to sourcing the aircraft and providing financing, ExecuJet will manage and operate the aircraft. The company will operate the aircraft under one of its seven Air Operating Certificates, arrange maintenance and technical support and provide all fixed-base operations and ground handling services.

Additionally, should the client wish to make the aircraft available for charter to third-party customers, ExecuJet will provide this capability.

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