DUBAI: Jet Aviation partners with University of South Wales

Jet Aviation and the University of South Wales have joined forces to help support the development of aspiring aviation professionals based at their Dubai locations.

Effective immediately, Jet Aviation will begin offering industrial training and internships to aviation students enrolled on USW’s Dubai campus. Meanwhile, USW will provide Jet Aviation employees with the oportunity to pursue a BSc in aircraft maintenance engineering or an MSc in aviation engineering and management at its campus

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“We are very keen to extend real, hands-on experience and learning opportunities to aspiring aircraft maintenance professionals in a safe, controlled and supervised aircraft maintenance environment,” says Jet Aviation.

“Our goal is to ensure we continue to nurture young talent with an eye to the future, and this is a win-win solution from every angle. The industry needs qualified professionals, and combining academic learning with practical training is the best way to ensure we have a talented pool of aviation professionals in the future,” it adds.