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Durian stink causes Rouge 767 emergency landing

A peculiar odour permeating the cabin of an Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-300ER forced the crew to make an emergency landing on the Montreal-Vancouver route.

After takeoff, as the aircraft climbed to 7,000ft the crew detected a "strong odour," according to Canada's Transport Safety Board.

Flight crew requested to level off at 25,000ft to investigate and troubleshoot the odour, which pervaded the entire cabin, but to no avail.

They then made a PAN-PAN call, donned oxygen masks, and turned the aircraft around to return to Montreal. The cause of the “strong odour” turned out to be a shipment of durians in the forward cargo compartment.

The incident incident took place on 17 September on board flight 1566. It was carrying 245 passengers and 8 crew members. No injuries were recorded.

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