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  • EBACE: Boeing discussing heavier 737 Max 8 option to hit BBJ range target

EBACE: Boeing discussing heavier 737 Max 8 option to hit BBJ range target

Boeing has revealed a new option is under consideration to develop a business jet version of the 737 Max with 7,000nm (13,000km) range.

A Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) version of the 737 Max 8 was launched in 2012, and Boeing is close to signing the first deal, BBJ president Steve Taylor revealed at EBACE.

However, the standard BBJ Max 8 is limited to a range of 6,330nm, a 9.5% shortfall on the 7,000nm standard set by competitors in the ultra-large-cabin sector, such as the Gulfstream G650 and future Bombardier Global 7000.

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Boeing has already discussed reaching the 7,000nm range target by modifying a Max 7 with a Max 8 wing, a precedent set with the original BBJ which combined the 737-700 fuselage with the 737-800 wing.

Another option Boeing is considering is launching a high gross weight version of the 737 Max 8, Taylor says. That means beefing up the landing gear and structure to absorb the same maximum take-off weight carried by the standard Max 9 version, he says.

"We certainly could sell it," Taylor says. "But we're still looking at what is the right product."

Boeing Commercial Airplanes launched the airliner version of the 737 Max 7 last week, when Southwest Airlines signed a firm order for 30 aircraft.

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