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  • EBACE: Gulfstream G280 graces air show with its presence

EBACE: Gulfstream G280 graces air show with its presence

Gulfstream has brought its new super midsize G280 to EBACE for the first time, another indication of the impending final certification of the Honeywell HTF7250G-powered $24 million twinjet. The company received US Federal Aviation Administration provisional certification in March, saying a software update to the G280's flight deck, featuring Rockwell Collins' new Pro Line Fusion, was the main item to be completed before certification.

Gulfstream says the G280 set two unconfirmed city-pair records en route to Switzerland: one from Dallas to Washington, DC, and another from Washington, DC, to Geneva. The company notes that flight testing has demonstrated that the G280 can fly 6,667km (3,600nm) with four passengers at Mach 0.8 with NBAA IFR reserves.

Built by Gulfstream partner Israel Aerospace Industries in Tel Aviv, the G280 gained Israeli provisional certification in December. The aircraft receive completions by Gulfstream in Dallas.

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