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  • EBACE: Snecma reveals details of Silvercrest for Longitude

EBACE: Snecma reveals details of Silvercrest for Longitude

Snecma will this summer begin running the first of eight Silvercrest turbofans taking part in the engine certification programme for Cessna's newly announced Longitude twin-engine business jet.

The two-spool 11,000lb (49kN) thrust engine will feature a 5.9:1 bypass ratio using a 1.08m (42.5in) diameter 20-blade Snecma-built fan, a four-stage axial compressor built by Techspace Aero, a single-stage centrifugal compressor built by Turbomeca and a single-stage high-pressure turbine and four-stage low-pressure turbine, both built by Snecma. Snecma will also build the full-authority digital engine controller for the turbofan.

Francois Planaud, Snecma's executive vice-president of commercial engines, says Cessna will provide the nacelle and thrust-reverser for the aircraft, which will enter service in 2017. He says Snecma is not a risk-sharing partner with Cessna on the programme.

Following first-engine-to-test operations this summer, Planaud says Snecma will transition in the first quarter of 2013 to in-flight testing on its Gulfstream III testbed at the company's base in Villaroche, France.

Officials say the engine will have a 15% lower specific fuel consumption than other engines in the 11,000lb-thrust class, with on-condition maintenance that requires no hot section inspection, and real-time flight monitoring, diagnosis and prognosis.