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  • EBACE: Volvo boosts performance of Honeywell TFE731

EBACE: Volvo boosts performance of Honeywell TFE731

Volvo Aero can deliver a performance boost of up to 2% on Honeywell's long-standing TFE731 engine following overhaul, it has claimed.

The Swedish firm's association with the engine dates back to 1981 when it was still manufactured by Garrett AiResearch.

"We work hard to make that engine more fuel efficient, we have put a lot of effort into that area," said Göran Nordén, vice-president marketing and programme.

When fitting new parts into the engine, whose numerous variants power a range of business aircraft including the Dassault Falcon 900DX, Volvo Aero will ensure the new part "has the most efficient fit, not necessarily the closest", said Nordén.

It sees the market for repair and overhaul work beginning to pick up following the recession, it said.

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