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Elta unveils new ground surveillance radar

Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, has unveiled a new lightweight airborne synthetic aperture radar/ground moving-target indication (SAR/GMTI) payload.

The company said the new ELM-2054 system provides a solution for all-weather, air-to-surface intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance applications.

Using a modular, open architecture design, it can be easily configured with small tactical unmanned air vehicles, light reconnaissance aircraft, tactical aerostats and other platforms, Elta said.

The system draws on the proven capabilities of the company's legacy ELM-2055DX SAR/GMTI modular payloads.

On 6 October, Elta president Nissim Hadas said the new radar would support ground forces and save lives in regular and asymmetric combat operations.

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