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  • Embraer set to unveil Phenom 300 maintenance datalink

Embraer set to unveil Phenom 300 maintenance datalink

Embraer is set to announce a datalink for its new Phenom 300 aircraft that will link the light jet's central maintenance computer (CMC) to aircraft service centres.

The optional datalink, which Embraer has not officially announced, will transmit CMC messages by Iridium satellite or Wi-Fi to deliver maintenance faults to speed the time of repair and identification.

Embraer hopes the system will be an advantage to large operators, as well as providing a previously unavailable feature for individual owners of an aircraft of its size.

The destination of the CMC message will be selectable, and the system is expected to include an option to transmit directly to Embraer service centres, helping to refine and pool maintenance records and techniques for product improvements, says Carlos Fernandes, head of Phenom product strategy.

The Phenom 300 has surpassed 950h with five test aircraft in its certification campaign and is set to be delivered by year-end.

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