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  • Emirates to seek compensation for A380 wing-part cracks

Emirates to seek compensation for A380 wing-part cracks

Emirates is to seek compensation from Airbus for the disruption to its operation caused by the discovery of cracks in wing-rib feet on A380 aircraft.

The carrier is the largest operator of the type with 21 in its fleet. It estimates the grounding of the aircraft - six at a time - to effect temporary repairs will cost it $90 million in lost revenue by the end of March.

As a result, it will look for compensation from the airframer.

Emirates says the cracks have been discovered in 10 of its A380s, but believes it is likely that all 21 will require remedial work.

It is also concerned over the likelihood of future groundings in order to apply a long-term solution for the problem.

On 8 March EADS, Airbus's parent, said it had made a €105 million ($138 million) provision to cover the cost of repairs to the initial 67 in-service A380s.

No mention was made of any provision for compensation and the airframer could not immediately indicate whether there would be additional costs arising from manufacturing changes.

On 8 February the European Aviation Safety Agency ordered inspections of wing-rib feet on all A380s. Emirates has a further 69 A380s on order.

Airbus was not immediately available to comment on the potential Emirates claim.

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