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  • ESA to finalise manned capsule contributions at July meeting

ESA to finalise manned capsule contributions at July meeting

By Rob Coppinger in London

In two weeks the European Space Agency (ESA) will finalise agreement with its member states for a two-year collaborative study with Russia’s Federal Space Agency (FSA) on a manned capsule.

At a meeting this week between ESA’s leadership and its member states' officials,  the proposed advanced crew transportation system (ACTS), which could be a four-crew capsule, was discussed.

A meeting scheduled for early July will see talks on levels of financial contribution for ACTS from member states. At this week's meeting, France and Germany offered €15 million ($18 million) for the study.  “We made a step forward this week but the member states are hesitant [about ACTS]. A couple of issues still have to be resolved,” says ESA.

A decision on ESA’s involvement with the FSA in developing a manned vehicle was postponed from the December 2005 ESA ministerial council. Then ESA’s proposal to its member states for a €30 million two-year programme of work to develop the winged Kliper vehicle was rejected.

At the ministerial meeting the project only gained pledges of €8 million from ESA members.

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