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  • EXCLUSIVE: Airbus test flies first A380 for Emirates Airline

EXCLUSIVE: Airbus test flies first A380 for Emirates Airline

The first Airbus A380 for Dubai-based Emirates Airline undertook its maiden flight on 4 September from the airframer’s Toulouse headquarters.

Airbus confirmed to that the Engine Alliance GP7200-powered A380 (MSN011) completed a 3.5h flight from Toulouse.

 ©Airbus-image. S.OGNIER

 A380 MSN011 has been on the Toulouse assembly line for more than a year

The aircraft is the second GP7200-powered A380 to fly, with the Airbus development aircraft (MSN009) having taken to the air in August last year.

MSN011 (pictured on the Toulouse assembly line) is the first of 55 A380s destined for Emirates. The aircraft has been structurally complete for more than a year but completion was delayed as it needed to undergo rewiring following Airbus’s much publicised production problems.

Emirates will be the first customer to receive the GP7200-powered version of the A380, with deliveries slated to begin in August next year. Service entry is planned for October.

The aircraft is due to fly to Hamburg for cabin installation and painting prior to delivery.

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